Monday, August 28, 2017


Beginning SEPTEMBER 1, 2017, we will be expanding our spa!

We have acquired additional space right below our current spa and are in the process of expanding. We will be opening part of the downstairs the week of Thanksgiving with the aim to be complete our expansion the first week of the new year in 2018.

Book mark this page for updates about our progress with our expansion into our new space!

Bob Malone, at SAFE AT HOME, below us has retired and closed the doors to his business in August.This has given us the opportunity to grow our business to now include additional space DOWNSTAIRS. 

Don't worry, we will still maintain our special couple suite upstairs that many of you have grown fond of. This expansion though will allow us to accommodate clients who are unable to make it up the stairs as well as double the number of tables (and therapists) available to better fill the 'kneads' of our clients who schedule as a group. We are also looking to into adding a Vichy shower, sauna room, other spa services, as well as begin selling products.

We are expecting that though we might not have the space completely up and running by September 1st, we will be opening our doors and unofficially beginning our 'store hours' on that day (unless we are running around getting things ready).

Our new store hours, after the new year, will be: 

10 am to 5 pm, Thursday to Monday

Appointments for sessions are by reservation only.
Appointments on holidays may be possible with advance notice.

8 am to 8 pm, Sunday to Thursday

8 am to 9 pm, Friday and Saturdays

Feel free to drop in, when you see us working downstairs, to check out the progress with the space as we turn it into a special place to relax and renew. Our reservation hours will remain the same and all appointments for sessions will still be by appointment only. 

If you are scheduling and see a time slot that is already booked, and you can not work the other available times...PLEASE feel free to call us! Depending on our progress, we still might be able to schedule you in with the newer space.



Bob has closed his doors to SAFE AT HOME and is working on clearing out the space. This will soon be THERAPY BY THE SEA's new home!



Arranged with the landlord to get the keys. Called the locksmith and set up to re-key the locks.



The locksmith re-keys all of the locks and installs a new door knob to so they all match.

We begin the cleaning process. We took down all the things on the walls and in the prepare for the scrub, scrub, scrub....walls, ceilings, windows and fixtures.



Met with the electrician to plan out all of the electrical needs, both upstairs and downstairs. We use a lot of power to run things, which has been overloading the breaker upstairs. We planned out how we are going to solve that problem upstairs and are making sure it doesn't happen downstairs as well.

Continued taking down fixtures to prep for cleaning and painting.



The patching of all of the holes in the walls begin. Soooo many holes...too many holes....



The landlady arranged for the painter come by to repaint the front doors. He is actually better know as one of Cmabria's fine photographers as well.

The washing of the walls and ceiling begins. This is why they say to wash the walls before you paint. Especially the case when the walls likely haven't be cleaned in over 20 years!

Got about a quarter of it done....not to mention finding more holes to patch. Got one of the windows cleaned as well.



More wall and ceiling washing...and patching holes. Soooo many holes! We got about half of the walls and ceiling cleaned. Got two more of the windows cleaned as well.

We brought mamma in to see the new place. She was so happy and excited to finally be able to see where we work. Her inability to climb the stairs is one of the reasons we decided to move in this direction. Now she can be more involved with the spa. Also clients who can't make it up the stairs will now be able to come in and see us too!



The electrician pulled down unneeded track lighting and reviewed the electrical needs for the spa. We will be installing 3 breakers per station, with 3 main stations downstairs to handle the electrical load.

And yes, more walls and ceiling cleaning....and still finding more holes to patch. With the track lighting taken down, the holes from that now also needed patching. All of the walls are cleaned now and about 70 percent of the ceiling is cleaned. All of the windows are also cleaned.



Today we finished cleaning the ceiling and patching the holes (up to this point). We still need to get covers for where the track lighting was hooked up.

We began pulling the old floor trim out and got about half of it done. Some wall patching will have to happen with this as well it seems.

We came across an area that was damp with mold. This area has the bathroom on the other side of it. We contacted the landlady and she is coming to check it out tomorrow. We suspect there might be a small leak from some pipes in the wall. Glad we decided to pull the 20+ year old molding out or we may not have noticed this!

Also began the process of cleaning all of the wood shelving we acquired from Bob when he moved out. Once the wood has thoroughly dried from the scrubbing, we will sand it down and restrain it. This particular shelf will be replacing the dresser we currently have upstairs.



Met with the landlady and determined the wet area was from a bad leak that occurred several months back. We bleached the area to kill of the mold and with the heat wave we seem to be having, now that it is uncovered, it dried up pretty fast.

We continued to pull off more of the flashing and scraped the walls underneath it as we went. We also occasionally patched a few holes that were needed.

We met with the local Charter rep and discussed if we might switch from AT&T....and also get internet and TV for what will be out new reception area.

We also met with our preferred plumber for a job assessment...only to be told he was 'too big' to do the job. Literally, 6'5" he is too big. The job necessitates some crawling under the building and we needed a smaller plumber to do that. We will be meeting with another plumber on the 5th.

We also talked with the contractor who will be building the walls. He is across country for the holiday and expects to be back sometime next week.



Definitely a bit too busy with the holiday weekend AND Pinedorado...and it is TOO HOT to do much with the space right now, but we did finish off pulling out the flashing, scraping the walls underneath and patched the holes we needed. We did wash down more of the wooden shelves and finished the holiday downstairs with a good vacuum (of which, we are sure will be messed up real good again shortly).



The plumber came in to began tearing out the section of wall he needed to gain access to put in the plumbing we need to install our new fixtures...and found that the leak we were told by the landlady was fixed...isn't. Seems that there is still an active leak going on after all. Plumber says he would need to give the area a few days to dry out before he can proceed.

So, we are now in limbo on the plumber needing to fix what the landlady needs repaired first, as well as making sure the area is dried out enough, before he can resume the work he needs to do for us. The area in question though is now down to bare bones with the carpet out as well.



Charter is now scheduled to do a install for our new internet and TV next week.

The person we had hoped to do our remodeling says he is too busy to help us. He is booked out 2 months in advance. He referred us to someone else and we met with this other remodeling guy to discuss the work we need to put in the walls, doors, and flooring as well as set up for him to begin tomorrow. 

Bought painting supplies. The plan is to prime the walls and ceiling, then paint the ceiling and window areas...while the rest of the work is being done. We figure that is at least something we can do while we arrange to get the things we can't do ourselves done. 



Well, the other remodeling guy failed to show and backed out on us. So today was a day of arranging to find someone else to build our walls, hang the doors we need and do the flooring. 

In the meantime, began sanding the shelves and then polished and waxed them. 


SEPTEMBER 8th-13th

We found another person to help us do a lot of the work that needs to be done that doesn't involve electrical and plumbing. They will also be helping us do most of the waterproofing and tile that will be needed in the new hydro tub room. Went though a lot of the prepping and planning off what we will be doing and what we will need to get the job done, including picking out the tile for the hydro tub room.

The plumber also came out and fixed the leak.

Continued to refinish the wooden shelving and freshen up the pretty wood grain.

Also cleaned up the shutters that were in the windows. We were thinking that a cleaning and rehanging would be fine, but after a closer inspection, we feel a repainting will need to done after after all.



All of the rug was pulled up and loose nails, old tacking and staples pulled from the floor.

After the old rug was pulled up, it was interesting (and helpful) to see where the old walls used to be in the space. Interesting also to note that much of those walls and doorways will be going back up.



Charter came to install our new phone, internet and TV. Yes, we will be having a TV in our reception area. The credit card machine is now downstairs though. This is kind of challenging while we still operate the business, for the most part, upstairs still. BUT, we make it work. :)

They also began putting up the walls. Yeah! We now can see where the rooms will actually be!
Met with the plumber to figure the best way to work the tub into the space we are planning to place it.
Picked up the refrigerator we will be using in the reception area.



Arranged for the hydro tub to be delivered on the 27th.

Also ordered the sinks (and the molding) that will need to be installed and arranged for them to be delivered.


Arranged for a larger refrigerator for the reception area. This will be used to store many of the cyro tools we use for therapy and well making sure we always have cool drinks available for our clients. Delivery is planned for the October 3rd on that.



Ordered a significant number of the supplies we will need to remodel the space at Home Depot. Arranged for delivery of the supplies on the 20th and set up an appointment for the space to be measured on the 19th for the flooring to be installed.



Home Depot called and told us they were moving our delivery from tomorrow to the 22nd. We managed to get them to agree to deliver it on the 21st instead.

The lady from Home Depot came by to measure out the space for the floor installation.



Home Depot delivered the beginnings of the walls, but failed to deliver the full order. They told us that they didn't have some of the supplies in stock (even though the missing items were there when we ordered them). With research they informed us that the Atascadero Home Depot did have the missing items in stock and arranged to have it delivered on the 22nd.



Home Depot failed to show with the remaining order.  This time they told us that no one was there to receive the order. We had a very busy day at the spa and was there from 7am to after 10pm, so we knew this wasn't the case. After further research, we found out they tried to deliver the order to my home address and failed to call us. The delivery was rescheduled for the 25th.

Our great crew did haul out the old carpet though.



Because of so much dust causing breathing issues, we decided to do a good mop down of the floor before the crew began the building of the walls and such in the space. We knew they would be creating more debris, but there was concern about what might be causing us to cough and sneeze so much, we thought it would be prudent to at least get the old dust out of there.



The crew worked on tearing out the old sheet-rock in the hydro tub room. 

This area will have moisture resistant sheet-rock and waterproofing done for the walls ans ceiling and cement flooring, before any of the tile is laid down.

Home Depot fell through again on the delivery. This time no one showed up...and no one called either. The crew couldn't move forward much because the missing door frames for the pocket doors are what we need. After 3 calls, we finally arranged to just pick up the order. Once we got there, we were informed they didn't deliver the rest of the order because they didn't have all of the items anymore either. They were short 9 of the tiles. We picked up the tiles they had AND the much needed pocket door frames...and arranged to get the remaining tiles at the other Home Depot...which now has them back in stock! While we were there we also picked up the insulation for the walls and the vent for the hydro tub room. We will be making sure that each room will be soundproofed as much as possible for our clients relaxation!


SEPTEMBER 26th - 31st

Delays in shipment of the Hydrotone tub set us back nearly a week. We finally received the shipment on the 31st. 



We unpacked the tub, broke it down and moved it inside. 

We really couldn't move forward with finishing the walls until we could actually see how it would fit in the space we are planning to put it.  We didn't want to build them up only to have to take them out again. 



After the meeting, and weighing all possible options, we came to the realization that the space we were going to place the Hydrotone tub was just not big enough to safely operate it in. The height of the lid, and the angle it needs to sit, was the deciding factor we did not account for. We reluctantly decided that we needed re-group and re-plan what we will do with that space. For now the tub will be put into storage, put up for sale, and the space it was going to go into will be put on hold while we proceed with getting the rest of the space open for business.



The refrigerator we will have in the refreshment area was picked up today.



Put the tub up for sale (and crossing our fingers we will get at least our investment back out of it) and found the flat screen TV we will be using in the reception area.



The tub was taken to storage and we pulled out the accordion door and fountain that will be going into the spa.



The electrician began installing the wiring which also required tearing our more sheet rock to get to the areas we needed.

He also wired up the walls we are putting in.



Electrician finished installing outlet holders and wiring so the walls and insulation can go in.


OCTOBER 18th - 20th

FINALLY!...walls going up, holes where the electrician went in getting patched, the accordion door archway framed and the pocket doors getting hung!



 This was a month of overcoming some hurdles in getting the space open and working but we are almost there. During this time Momma Roseann got deathly ill and we had to hospitalize her for a time while we were still working to get the spa up and going downstairs. She is now back at home with nursing and therapist visits. Tom also had a scary spell with his health that he is doing better now. 

 of this, we did not meet our goal of opening the downstairs on the anniversary of our purchasing the business: November 15th. We will be opening part of it though the week of Thanksgiving....and we do have so much to be thankful for.

The following is some of the progress pictures that were taken this last month.

The wall is up between the front reception area and the treatments rooms. This angle is from the area where the reclining treatments chairs, reception area and the TV will be. During this time we had the plumber install a sink and flat top water heater in this area as well.

A closer look at the pocket doors that is being installed to separate the front area from the treatments rooms. We have added extra insulation in the walls, door area and purchased solid doors for sound proofing.

This the door that leads to what will eventually be our 'wet room' where we plan to install a table designed for wet treatments such as mud wraps. For now it will be just a storage area until we finish the other areas.

This will be our main treatment room downstairs. This angle is moving past the pocket door into the space. The archway you see will have an according door that can be opened or closed, as needed.

And here is the same space with the according door hung, and the walls textured and painted.

This is stepping back out and looking at it through the pocket door. The 'wet/storage' room door is to the left.

This is showing the according door, closed, from the other room, looking through the second pocket door. This space, for now will act as our reception area...until we can finish the other side. Once the other side is done, this room will become a second treatment room. It will be mostly for our chair massage, floor based sessions, and also to a backup room for a 4th massage table for when we get groups, when needed.

If you look closely, you will also see that the cover plates are now on all of the electrical outlets. ...and yes, there are quite a few of them. With how we do our sessions, in the past we have had issues with not having enough electrical power to do all of the heat application we 'kneaded' at times. With this expansion, we have taken the time and expense to ensure that that will no longer be an issue. Each station downstairs is now equipped with enough power and has the ability to warm up towels, stones, water, ect, much more quickly...
without the worry of throwing breakers switches.

This is the second room, as seen looking through the second pocket door, with the according door open...looking into the main treatment room. Yes, this means we will be able to do single sessions as well as duets with these two rooms (once we get the other side done). We will be adding a cushion valance above the top of the according door to act as a sound barrier when the door is closed. The window in this room will also be covered with a thick curtain and metal shelving unit to block sound as well.

And this is the window you see the day light coming from in the second room....with the display in the works before we put up the curtains and shelving. When the curtain is open light can come through, but will still have barriers for privacy in place.

The baseboards being painted and cut for the rooms.

...and the carpet being installed.

...with all the padding and carpeting ready to go in on the other side as well. We still need to texture and paint the other side first though....

....and the tiles and stones ready to be installed in the other windows and around the mirror in the front reception area....where we will have a lovely fountain and plants!

Then there is also purchasing all of the equipment we use to make sure we give the best massages possible!



This was a times of working on the details, i.e. the 'finishing touches, to get the one side up and ready for Hospitality Night on December 7th.

...and before we left to take a week Vacation ourselves!

Our massage room downstairs is now open and available for appointments! 

Yes, there are some added decorative touches we will be doing over the next few weeks, but we do think what we have created here will prove to be just as nice and relaxing as the couple's suit you have come to enjoy. 

We will still also continue to work on the other side of our new space in the coming months. 

To find out our progress with that, feel free to visit: 

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